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General FAQ

Q: What are the advantages of attending AAV?
A: AAV offers a flexible learning environment that prepares students for college and career opportunities. Students may obtain college credit through AAV programs. In addition, internship and community-based projects allow students to acquire mentors and engage in valuable real-world experiences that help to define future college and career goals.

Q: Is transportation provided?
A: Parents will be responsible for providing or securing alternative transportation.

Q: Are all of the teachers highly qualified in the subject area of their courses?
A: Yes, all AAV teachers must have the appropriate credentials and education to meet highly qualified teacher requirements in their subject area(s).

Q: Will AAV students have access to regular school activities/sports?
A: Yes, students can access activities and sports at their designated high school site.

Q: What counseling services will be available?
A: Students will be provided with individualized counseling services to address academic and college and career preparatory needs.

Q: What resources will be available for parents of AAV students?
A: Parent and student orientation meetings will be held at the beginning of the school year to ensure student success in all AAV programs. Additional parent training resources will also be scheduled throughout the school year.

Q: What elective courses are offered to AAV students?
A: A number of elective options including career technical education courses are available. For a detailed course list please refer to the AAV web site at:

Q: What is the deadline for applying to the SOAR Prep Academy and the Virtual Academy?
A: It is advisable to submit a letter of intent as early in the spring semester as possible due to limited enrollment.

Q: My student is in the Special Education program. Will there be accommodations and extra help in either the SOAR Prep Academy or in the Virtual Academy?
A: There will be support personnel at each resource center available to help address the learning needs of all students. Accommodations will be made in accordance with each student’s IEP.

SOAR Prep Academy

Q: Where is the SOAR Prep Academy campus located?
A: 6300 West Ave. L, Lancaster, near Quartz Hill High School.

Q: How will SOAR Prep Academy prepare the students for the rigor of concurrent high school/college coursework?
A: Students will be taught by highly qualified teachers using AVID strategies that support the development of critical thinking and problem solving skills. In addition, they will have the opportunity to participate in Gateway to Technology courses. These are middle-school level classes that are exploratory in nature and focused on careers in Engineering as well as in the fields of science, technology, and mathematics.

Q: Why is the curriculum focused on S.T.E.M. (science, technology, engineering & math) subject areas?
A: An emphasis in S.T.E.M subjects prepares students for more advanced college courses and ultimately a successful future in today's high tech industries as the labor demand continues to grow in these career areas.

Q: Can you apply to SOAR High School even if you don’t attend SOAR Prep Academy
A: Yes, applications are accepted through March 15th for incoming freshmen and sophomores. Visit the SOAR website for more details